Life Groups at ACC Apohaqui

We have a variety of different lifegroups aimed and designed for you at whatever stage you are in your faith walk. We're constantly adding new lifegroups at different times of the year so please check back often to see what new lifegroups are available. 


Life Groups Fall 2019

Women’s Groups:

Tuesday Mornings – 9:30 am ACC Apohaqui Conference Room

Facilitators: Renate Bampton 433-2938 & Lynn Goodwin 944-0214

Starting Multiply in November


Tuesday Evenings – 7pm 25 High Street, Sussex

Facilitator: Kate Thompson 432-4604

Starting Multiply September 24th


Wednesday mornings:  10:30am -12pm ACC Hampton Cafe

Facilitator: Shirley Gamble

Coffee is on at 10:15


Thursday Evenings – 7pm ACC Conference Room

Facilitator: Jill Perry 433-6678

Starting Multiply September 26th


Thursday Evenings – 7pm 4 Creek Lane, Sussex

Facilitator: Stacey Stairs 433-5466

Starting Multiply September 26th


Prayer Group

Wednesday Mornings - 9:30am 3057 Rte. 121, Apohaqui

Facilitator: Joanne Vincent 433-5230

Start September 25th


Men’s Groups

Sunday Evenings – 6:30pm ACC Apohaqui

Facilitators: Jim McFarlane 434-0196 & Scott Hoyt 434-1520

Starting Multiply September 29th


Wednesday Mornings: 10:30-11:45am 25 Roberts Ross Blvd, Hampton

Facilitator: Allan MacConnell

Coffee is on at 10:15


Mom’s Group

Wednesday Mornings – 9:30am - 11:00am ACC Apohaqui

Facilitators: Andrea Allaby 434-2568, Kim Butler 433-0768, Meredith Reicker 433-3329

Starting Multiply TBA

Childcare Provided


An Evening Once or Twice a Month - ACC Apohaqui

Facilitator: Ashley Kirkbride 435-2444

Starting a parenting study TBA


Mixed Groups

Tuesday Evenings: 6:30pm ACC Apohaqui

Facilitators: Murray Black 433-6235, Anne Graham 434-5159

Starting Multiply October 1st


Thursday Evenings:  7pm 67 Pleasant Ave. Apt 6, Sussex

Facilitators: Jim McFarlane 434-0196, Mary Beth Keirstead 433-0008

Starting Multiply TBA


Hope Café

Alternating Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00pm – Taste & See, Main St, Sussex

Hope Café is a support group for those who wish to transition from mental illness to mental wellness. Mental or physical, illness is illness. You are not alone.

Starting October 1st



Monday at Noon – ACC Hampton

Facilitator: Kristy Short

Starting: October 21st

Life Group Coordinator

Mary Beth Keirstead - 506-433-0008