ACC Family Camp

For many people camp has been a launching pad for their faith.  There is something special about getting away from the routine of life and relaxing, having fun and fellowshipping at camp.  Now, there may be some that have never expereinced camp for themselves, so we want to outline what to expect at family camp and how to make the most of it.

What to expect for program

Depending on what you like, there are many options for you to relax and engage at camp.  Camp Tulakadik offers a huge range of activities throughout the summer and most of these will be available to us for the weekend, with staff leading activities.  Here are some to the big ones to expect: Aqua Park, Climbing Wall & Rappling Wall, Swimming, Canoeing & Kayaking, Playground, Beach Volleyball, Archery, Fishing, Giant Swing, Ropes Course, Campfires, and Hiking.  To see a full list of activities Camp offers please visit their website click here.

Friday Night

Registration will happen 6:00pm to 7:30 pm.  This will be your chance to pay, receive schedule of the weekend, settle into your cabin or site.  Camp will have a few program options open depending on weather.  

Snack that night will be: Cinnamon Buns and Mini Pizzas.

Campfire will include skits, songs, activities, and prizes.  Fun for all ages and will be a great kickoff for the weekend.



Saturday Activities

Breakfast will be served at 8:00am and will be: Traditional Eggs, Bacon, Toast & Hashbrowns.  

Saturday we will host an epic ACC Family Camp Activity.  People can watch or participate in teams to work together in completeing the challenges.  The winning team will have a special family camp award and prizes.   People who do not want to do this activity the playground and pool or lake will be available to relax.

Lunch will be: Subs with fresh cooked buns.

Camp Activities will be open for all to do will families or kids can choose and parents relax.  If you are looking for help in watching kids, staff will be around to help in making the weekend an awesome experience.

Supper will be a special meal: Turkey Dinner with all the fixins'

Saturday evening we will have a worship service following supper and kids will have a special program provided by the camp staff.  

Special Campfire down by the water with Fireworks.  

After campfire, parents with children can take advantage of camp staff providing babysitting while we offer a Fun Activity for the Adults and Youth.



Sunday Activities

Breakfast will be served at 8:00am and will be: Pancakes with gourmet toppings, sausage & fruit.  

Church service will be at 10:30am along with Baptisms that will be down at the lake front following the service.

Lunch will be a BIG CANADA DAY TAILGATE PARTY!!  Including: Walking Tacos, Loaded Baked Potatoes, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, Fried Dough & Popcorn.

There will be Inflatables for the kids, games and activities for all ages!!  One example of a tailgate party activity will be the Hot Wings challenge!  We have hot sauces that go from Mild to Extreme... like, insane heat.  It should be fun just watching the few who think they can handle the hot sauces.

The Lake front will be open and camp activities for a period of time. 

There will be no cost for the TAILGATE PARTY but we will have a Free Will Offering (those who register for the whole weekend need not give towards the tailgate party).

Frequent Asked Questions:

Q:  Can we bring our dogs to Family Camp? 

A: Yes, pets are allowed!  Just make sure they are on a leash and well behaved.

Q:  Can we share a cabin?  

A:  Yes, however the price options stay the same for families, couples and individuals.  

Q:  Will the Tuck Shop be open for us to purchase treats? 

A:  Yes.  The Tuck Show will be open at key points throughout the day for families to purchase treats and clothing.

Q:  What should we bring to ACC Family Camp?

A:  You should make sure you are ready for warm, cold, wet and dry conditions.  Bring Bug spray and Sun Screen!!  Sleeping bags and pillows.  Bible and journals would be a great item to have.  You can bring life jackets, but the camp does have many sizes.  Swim suits must be modest.  Towels and shower supplies will make for a pleased weekend for all.  

Q:  We have a trailer, can we come Thursday night or early on Friday to set it up?  

A:  This can be arranged, you must speak with Al or Brandon before Wednesday of that week if this is the case.

Q:  Can we get our money back if we need to cancel?

A:  Yes!  Money will be fully refunded by Sunday, June 24.  After this day only 50% will be refunded.

Q:  When do we need to register by?

A:  The registration for accommodations will be closed on Sunday, June 24.  

Q:  Can we bring our own food and save money on registration?

A:  You can bring your own food, but because of dynamics of our first Family Camp the price options can only be with meals included with those with accommodations.  We recommend that if you have a special appetite that you bring your own food to snack on.

Q:  Can we have our own little campfire around the cabin, or site?

A:  We are working on arrangements for a few designated small campfire gathers for adults who want to socialize after kids have gone to bed.  

Q:  Is there Cell Reception at Camp?  

A:  Yes... but you have to be in the right spot and holding your tongue out just right.

Q:  Is this open to anyone?

A:  Absolutely!!  Anyone is welcome to come and be apart of this weekend!

Q:  I want to register, however I don't know if I can afford the cost.  Is there any sponsorship for families, couples, and individuals?

A:  YES!!  We do not want money to be the reason you choose not to come to ACC Family Camp!  Please register and speak with one of the staff about recieving support.

Q:  Where is Camp Tulakadik located?

A:  Below is a map of where Camp is located.  The address is: 131 Sederquest Road, Cassidy Lake, NB  E0G 2N0