Our Team



Brandon Thompson

Sr. Pastor ACC / Lead Pastor - Hampton


Lori MacLeod

Children's Director - Apohaqui


Jessica Vanderlaan

Administration Assistant


Al Kirkbride

Lead Pastor - Apohaqui


Kim Butler

Worship Pastor - Apohaqui


Angela Wade

 Associate Pastor - Hampton


Brad Bettle

Operations Director


Our simple mission is our Grover Mission. It is all about understanding, as Grover does on Sesame St., near and far and helping people who are far from God take steps on their spiritual journey to come near to God and become a passionate follower of Christ. Our statement is simple:

ACC exists to help people who are

FAR from God come

NEAR to God and

become PASSIONATE Christ-Followers who are ALL IN. 

But how do we accomplish that? How do we help people become passionate Christ-followers? At ACC it’s about becoming ALL IN! We want to be followers of Jesus that aren’t 50% in … or 75% in … not even 99% in!  We want to be ALL IN! It’s what Jesus asks from us. He told us in Mark 12 that following Him is pretty simple, 

“Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart and ALL your soul and ALL your mind and ALL your strength. And love your neighbour as yourself.” Jesus said it first. Following him is about being ALL IN!


Vital communities - All In - Love

At ACC we have small groups of people that meet regularly called life Groups that help us walk through life together.


radical generosity

Jesus demonstrated radical generosity when he died on the cross for us so we believe that generosity should be a defining factor in our life.


Core Habits - All In - Heart 

Each of us must work to grow our relationship with Jesus by practicing basic core habits of the faith.



Authentic friendships - All In - Soul

Am I connected with 2 or 3 other “deep water” friends that will hold me accountable and challenge me spiritually?



Missional Imagination - All In - Mind 

As I live and interact with people how can I see creatively and live imaginatively and respond to people with God’s eyes?


Extreme Living - All In - Strength 

What ways can we impact the circle of influence we are each a part of, for the kingdom of God.



All In

At ACC we’re convinced that our ALL IN mission and strategy and beginning to engage in these 6 important areas of following Christ will deepen our faith and help us to live lives that are more and more becoming ALL IN!


The Apohaqui Baptist Church began in 1873. In the past few decades however the church was slowly dying. Members were aging. New people were not coming. Pastoral care had been reduced to someone filling the pulpit and the church had essentially become a preaching station for other churches to care for. Some local visionaries however with a sense that God had a work to do in this area, caught a dream and within a short time had secured support, (prayerfully & financially), had created interest, had found a mother church and called a pastor.

The Apohaqui Baptist Church was to be re-planted. In August 1996 Kevin and Sandra Vincent, and their children moved from Dartmouth, NS, back to their native New Brunswick, to Apohaqui, "where two rivers meet". On September 22, 1996 the church began again! We moved from our tiny, little country church, with no classrooms, no basement and no running water, into the local elementary school. With first-rate facilities and an energetic core, it all began.

Apohaqui Community Church 2006 

Three and a half years later a new 13 000 square foot multipurpose facility was built. Apohaqui Baptist Church changed its name from Apohaqui Baptist Church to Apohaqui Community Church and in February of 2000 we moved into our new home.

Since the fall of 1996 ACC has grown from “the original six” people to a weekend worship attendance in excess of 400+. Over 200 children and young people take part in programs each week. And over 200 adults attend weekly small groups.

Very quickly we outgrew our original facility and in September of 2004 we dedicated a first rate, 10 0000 square foot Children’s Centre to meet the growing needs for children’s and youth programs.

In the Fall of 2008 we started a second site of ACC. In keeping with this, the congregation of Apohaqui Community Church voted to change our name to Atlantic Community Church to reflect our new "multi-site" structure: "one church - one vision - multiple locations"

God has done some incredible things at ACC in a very short time and we believe the future is even brighter! The place to be is ACC!